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When Aubrey Hampton first mixed ground ginger, peppermint and eucalyptus leaf into a base of coconut oil in 1967, he never imagined that the batch of bath liquid he created to help combat those harsh New York City winters would change the personal care industry forever. Forty years and more than 200 products later, Aubrey Organics®, the company he founded, remains the leader in natural hair, skin and body care, with products sold in more than 4500 retailers throughout the world.

Why use something synthetic when something natural works so much better? That's the practical philosophy behind every Aubrey Organics® product. This simple idea has been the cornerstone of Aubrey's pioneering company since the beginning. Read Aubrey's labels. You’ll find only the finest herbals and plant extracts in their most natural form, and no synthetic additives or petrochemicals of any kind in any of Aubrey's products.

In 1994 Aubrey Organics became the first personal care manufacturer to be certified as an organic processor by Quality Assurance International of San Diego, California. This means that Aubrey's factory—where Aubrey Organics create Aubrey's products—is regularly inspected and certified as a manufacturing facility where organic ingredients are handled according to standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program.

Aubrey Organics buy only the purest natural and organic ingredients from fair trade sources, and use them in handcrafted, all-natural products that are good for you and good for the Earth. It is this commitment that has made Aubrey Organics the finest hair, skin and body care products manufacturer and an industry leader with an impressive list of “firsts.”

Aubrey Firsts

Aubrey Organics® was the first personal care products manufacturer:

• To list all ingredients — 1967
• To develop a grapefruit seed extract and antioxidant preservative — 1974
• To formulate products with...
• essential fatty acids in a natural absorption base — 1967
• lactalbumin (milk protein) — 1967
• jojoba oil — 1972
• evening primrose oil — 1982
• Rosa Mosqueta® Rose Hip Seed Oil — 1986
• blue camomile oil — 1987
• herbal gums and vitamin B-5 — 1988
• natural fruit acids — 1990
• Matcha green tea — 1995
• blue green algae and grape seed extract — 1999
• sea buckthorn oil and Topical Ester C® — 1999
• organic orange pith juice — 2003
• And the FIRST personal care company to be certified as an organic processor — 1994





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